Pre-Conference - Shirley Giroux - Building a culture of collective care through intervision: A model

Teaching (including school counselling) is a stressful profession and one that does not often leave time in the day for practitioners to worry about their own socio-emotional needs. One way that school counsellors might effectively deal with these needs in a constructive way is with facilitated peer support groups such as those represented by the intervision model used in parts of the European Union and adapted for use in BC education contexts by Dr. Shirley Giroux. Through a combination of theory and practice, this session explores potential benefits and barriers to the implementation of these types of groups and will include participants in the first steps of the cocreation of a BCSCA-centered network of support for school counsellors in BC.

Shirley Giroux

Having started her career in the Cariboo-Chilcotin and worked in that part of the province for 16 years, Shirley is currently the school counsellor (Grades K-12) in Valemount, BC. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and holds a PhD in Health Sciences. A certified Compassionate Systems Leadership Master Practitioner, experienced teacher, post-secondary lecturer, and erstwhile principal, Shirley sees working on behalf of educators well-being from a school's-eye-view as key to keeping her work grounded in the realities of the classroom. She has worked with learners at all levels—pre-K to post-secondary - and is particularly interested in helping to find ways for human service systems to support the resilience and well-being of the people working within them in ways that honour the caring and emotional aspects of the work of humans working with humans.

Thursday, October 20 from 1-5 pm

Cost $ 40 (Limited Spots - Cost includes one ticket for the Social)


Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront
1133 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
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