Thursday, October 20, 2022

    • IN-PERSON - Building a culture of collective care through intervision: A model of peer support for BC school counsellors All
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Friday, October 21, 2022

    • ONLINE - Helping those Who Help Nurture and Maintain their Resilience

    • ONLINE - A New Generation of Help-Seekers: Empowering Youth to Discover Information, Resources, and Positive Pathways Forward Secondary
    • ONLINE - Building on Resiliency: Recommendations for Schools on How to Provide Support and Affirmative Care for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Youth Experiencing Trauma All
    • ONLINE - Building on Strengths to Address Youth Vaping & other Substance Use All
    • ONLINE - Diagnosing¬Ě Resilience Across Cultures and Contexts: Seeing the Positives in Young People Even When There are Serious Problems All
    • ONLINE - Guarantee Access to Mental Health Care for Every Child All
    • ONLINE - Legal Issues for School Counsellors FULL All
    • ONLINE - Promoting mindfulness among school counsellors, children, and families All
    • ONLINE - Sensory Aware Practice for Self-Regulation and Trauma Informed Care All
    • ONLINE - Using the WITS Programs to Promote Social Awareness and Responsibility Elementary

    • ONLINE - Initiation Imperative: Wilderness Rites of Passage for Youth All
    • ONLINE - Mental Health 101: Navigating Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Harm among Children & Youth in the School Setting All

    • ONLINE - Building and Re-building Strong Trust: the 3 keys to Connection All
    • ONLINE - Exploring post-secondary planning and applications with EducationPlannerBC Secondary
    • ONLINE - How Children's Literature Can Ameliorate Trauma All
    • ONLINE - Respectful Futures: Shaping Healthy Relationships FULL All
    • ONLINE - Supporting Grieving and Bereaved Children and Youth FULL All

    • ONLINE - Using the sand tray in the school setting to help students recover from long term and acute trauma All

    • ONLINE - Backwards Planning: A more effective way for students to select their courses Secondary
    • ONLINE - Easing the transition from adolescence to adulthood using mentoring Secondary
    • ONLINE - Exploring the Student Mental Health Toolkit All
    • ONLINE - From Triage to Transforming: 9 Ways to be Proactive About Wellbeing Across Your Whole School Community All
    • ONLINE - Incorporating self care in your daily life FULL All
    • ONLINE - Innovative Strategies to Motivate and Build Resilience in Every Student All
    • ONLINE - Using a Multi-tiered Approach to Supporting Student Well-being: The Mental Health and Well-being in Schools Framework All